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You have found the best web design company in PowerfulDesign. At PowerfulDesign the client is king. We offer all the necessary add-on services you need to put your competition in check mate. Our main focus is to design and develop the best websites in the industry. Our services are built around supporting your powerful website so it can reach its full potential. Apart from our powerful websites and add-on products, we also offer online marketing in the form of SEO.

You will quickly find that PowerfulDesign is the only company you need for all your online needs. Please see below all of our services and find out why we are the best web design company out there.

Powerful Websites:

We consider ourselves to be the best web design company out there mainly because our professional websites are all designed and developed according the latest international trends and styles. We use Wordpress as a content management platform. This means the base code of your website is developed and maintained by the best web developers in the world. From this base we mould your website to perfectly match your company profile and design requests. All of our websites are built with SEO in mind, if you do decide to market your website it can be done without hassle.

The following standard features are included to ensure you get the most out of your affordable website

Standard Features

Three, Five and Nine Pager Plus

Any Powerful website is designed and developed according to the latest international standards and trends.

Your website will have the following:

  • UI and UX Planning
  • Responsive Capabilities
  • Hosting and Registration
  • Content Management Platform
  • Professionally Sourced Images
  • Social media linked
  • Email Configuration
  • Google Integrated Map

    Powerful Add-ons:

    Let’s assume in a game of chess we make your website the Queen. It is by far the most powerful piece on the board, but it can only defeat so many problems alone. You can arm your Queen with any and all of the add-ons you need to overcome the problems your company is facing.

    At PowerfulDesign we will evaluate your company and help you set goals for your website. We will evaluate your goal, whether it is creating investor confidence, collecting donations, generating leads or selling online. We then recommend the appropriate add-ons to help you achieve your goal.

    We are the best web design company out there not only because of our quality websites but also because the website we design and develop serve a purpose for our clients

    Online Marketing:

    This is the tool that will give your website the ability to create awareness of your company for you. We offer a customisable SEO package to help your website to organically rank well on Search Engines’ result pages. It is essential to get your powerful website noticed by as many people as possible. It will not rank naturally on Google or any other Search engine without continuous work. Here at PowerfulDesign our SEO package we will make sure your website will rank naturally and start to generate valuable leads for your company within 4-6 months.

    Our Powerful SEO campaign includes research and implementation of 5 keywords strategically throughout your website. We will also optimise your website for SEO purposes through on-page and off-page variables. This includes site map submissions, page speed optimisation and link building strategies. The campaign is significantly more effective when supported by our SEO add-ons below.


    We know all of this can be intimidating and confusing so we have created 3 scenarios with each of our websites to show you how our add-on products work together with our websites. We want to make sure you have the best website you can possibly have.